Project Organization

The Forge homepage can be found at


Subscribe to release and security announcements at forge-announce. A kanban has been made publically available to track development progress.

Development Tools

Forge is primarily written in C, while Go is preferred for simpler command line utilities and networking code. The source code is hosted at

Automated tests and site deployments have been configured to run on every commit through (example build). This includes the deployment of our developer reference docs.

Long-form documentation and formatted design notes typically belong under The source for which can be found at ~rycwo/forge-site.

Developer reference docs are generated with cdoc.

Command line interfaces (CLIs) should be documented with man pages. Man pages can be generated with scdoc.

Forge projects are built using Meson. We recommend using the Ninja backend as it is small and fast, although it is not required.

Project versions follow the semantic versioning scheme.

See Building from source for quick build instructions.

tmplgen is used to generate some source files based-on Go text/template templates. See this for an example of how this is managed in the foundation library.